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Welcome to my blog here you can find things I have made or I am working on. I program in C/C++, Python, JS, Lua and more.

WTH is Jibberish

So what started out as a little idea became a main feature of the website The concept is simple to create a simple encryption system that adds a character so for example “A” becomes “B” but I may have taken it a little too far, for example, the website has it. The discord bot can decode it, the staff have their own tool both online and Python desktop software. Below are all the ways it can be used:

Website users:

Make the Jibberish
Undo Jibberish

Staff all-in-one tool (Website):

Staff all-in-one tool (Website):


Users can use it on our Discord

Staff Python Software:

Yeah the staff software has a password…. There is no reason as to why, other than a gimmick I suppose

Honestly, this simple project may have expanded a bit too far but was worth it to be able to code, it made my time at home seem a lot more bearable after being home due to ill Mental Health, it just gave me a bit of purpose for a while. Now the project has been completed I will start to work on other things for MHmatters.

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