Stephen Wilde
Welcome to my blog here you can find things I have made or I am working on. I program in C/C++, Python, JS, Lua and more.

Advancing in programming

So its been a while scince I have last updated this website. I wanted to give a quick update on what I am up to now..

Learning new programming languages

I have taken up learning Java and Python as well as C and C++. Learning Java and Python is actually straightforward when you know C and C++ after all C is what all these programming languages are based on.

Another reason I have not updated this website is:

My partner is setting up a business so I was making her a piece of software that handles finances and even tax’s. I am considering releasing a different version of this tool on this website. I am not sure if this would be useful for anyone else but if you are interested please feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Well that’s my small update I will be making more posts soon as I will be starting work on another project that I WILL be releasing as soon as its over but I expect this project will take 12 months+.

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