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Convex Hull Project

Right then. I have been assigned a task to create an SFML project to find the Convex Hull. For those of you who haven’t heard of this you’re not alone I didn’t know what it was until I looked into what it is. Basically its a gift wrapping problem. I have linked the Wikipedia page for it here:

Now then I have worked on this yesterday in C++ which displayed it in the console. Whilst I am happy with the results of it, that’s not the task. I have to create a UI version with SFML. Already this could be problematic having not really used SFML except to make a dot. I am however eager to learn as much as I can of SFML.

With a project like this, determination is key. I have the problem, now all I have to do is solve it. With this project, I am creating a whole new category on the website you can follow. The category is called (SFML Convex Hull). I will be posting the source code to the Convex Hull problem in C++ over the next few days. I just want to make the code a little more structured as its a bit of a mess and there are ways to clean it up. So once I have done that I will post the code on this website.

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