Stephen Wilde
Welcome to my blog here you can find things I have made or I am working on. I program in C/C++, Python, JS, Lua and more.

No posts in a while?

Ok, so I have decided to take a break from all my projects for a little while due to mental health issues. I am ok but I do need to step away for a little while. I am in talks with the relevant services and will be back coding very soon!. Once I am well again and I can focus on coding again I will be deleting this post and moving on as if this part of my life never happened. Take care guys and I will see you soon!

** Just for the lols **

printf(“I will be ok\n”);

print(“I will be ok”)

std::cout << “I will be ok” << std::endl;

<script> varstr = "I will be ok"; console.log(str); </script>

System.out.println("I will be ok");

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