2 days in and counting

So this is my second day learning C++ I am going to make these posts once a week from now on so the next one of these posts will be 7 days then 14 and so on for the foreseeable future. So what have I learned so far:

  • How to structure code
  • Played around with variables
  • Got annoyed at a piece of code that would not function (It now does)
  • Worked with CMATH, IOSTREAM.
  • Made a working calculator
  • Made a program that will find the power of user-defined numbers
  • Made a simple program and expanded on the Hello World program to ask a user of many pieces of cake they want
  • Made the Hello World program (Hello Home due to COVID-19 lockdown lol)

For 2 days worth of learning overall I am pretty pleased with how the progress is going. Onwards and upwards from this point. I honestly didn’t think I would pick up as much as I have in this short space of time. Let’s see how the weeks go on to see if I still feel the same way.

What I will say to anyone who is looking to learn C++ just go ahead and start you will find a whole new appreciation for advances programmers. you will also have a whole new appreciation for the software you use daily they really are not straight forward to make at least from a newbies perspective.

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